POLICY SNAPSHOT (others exist but these have shown to require posting in advance):

All rush jobs requiring work outside of posted business hours will be billed at twice the normal hourly rate. Please plan accordingly and don’t procrastinate, in order to avoid this. Excessive change orders will be billed in this manner as well, so please thoroughly review the proofs we provide and be sure you submit your changes all at once if at all possible. Reasonable accommodations may be made at the discretion of SmARTful Solutions By George based on the individual situation and other pertinent factors, but careless abuse of our time at the expense of other clients will not be repeatedly tolerated.

We no longer print materials for clients. It is the client’s responsibility to coordinate with us and order printed materials before they need them, and to let us know how to contact the printing service with the files we have designed, once the client has paid for our design work in full. As a design firm, we cannot provide printing services at a good price because we are not a printer and have neither the proper equipment nor industry access/need to affordable bulk supplies. Believe us, printing will be faster and cheaper at the online or brick-and-mortar printer’s.

Payments made later than 60 days past agreed upon due dates will be subject to a $15 late fee, per late payment, per month late up to 90 days late, at which point collections and additional fees apply. Habitual nonpayment may result in legal action (beginning with arbitration parties chosen by SmARTful Solutions By George per contract) and damage to a nonpaying customer’s credit. Please avoid this by paying in a timely manner.

Please note that we adhere to a strict policy of business ethics, including a ban on copyright infringement in any form. If you do not understand what constitutes copyright, we can explain it to you, but it is your legal responsibility to understand and obey both the law and your contract. We will find the source of any content submitted to us. Any violation or deception may result in the client being dismissed with no refunds on any work performed, (but any work not yet performed will not be billed). Failure to pay in full what is owed will result in the client’s website being disabled until entire balance owed is completely and permanently paid.

We will do our best to work with reasonable clients, but we will not risk our reputation to accommodate any request for unethical practices, nor risk our sanity and quality of work to be on call 24/7. Unfortunately, there are a small number of clients who make posting such policies necessary. If honest, reasonable policies are an issue for them, they are free to hire a less ethical company at their own risk. Trust must work both ways, and we earn our clients’ trust.

We welcome clients whose societal and business-ethical beliefs match our own. We reserve the right to turn down any work on basis of time availability, legality, credit rating/client’s ability or willingness to pay us for our work, our ability or inability to perform the work requested to what we consider to be an acceptable quality standard or within the time frame allowed; or any other financial, time or ethical grounds. We do not and will not discriminate on basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, age (excluding those too young to legally sign contracts or in any other manner unable to perform with sound mental judgment but will work with a representative holding their power of attorney), nationality or creed, religion (or lack of it), or any other protected status determined and/or classified by United States Federal law, Colorado State law, and our local municipal laws. 

BUSINESS HOURS: 10am-7pm Monday-Thursday (holidays excepted) and by appointment.

Closed Fridays, Weekends, and Federal and Christian Holidays for special events, classes, seminars and personal time. Email anytime via the Contact page; we will get back to you in a reasonable time, but please be professional and respectful and do not call or text outside of business hours.

Again, all rush jobs requiring work outside of posted business hours will be billed at twice the normal hourly rate. Please plan accordingly and don’t procrastinate, in order to avoid this.






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