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SmARTful Solutions By George logoSmARTful Solutions, By George! is a portal through which the George family offers smart and artful solutions to clients for branding, print and web. We can guide your vision of self-promotion to a cohesive brand that expresses what you’re about – or we can work consistently within a successful brand that you have already established.

We work in both print and web design. In both media, images and words work together to communicate to the world who you are and what you offer. Logos, brochures, business cards, mailers, web sites, blogs, copy, banners for social media and e-commerce sites – we can handle it. Whether you want to be incredibly transparent in your image or if you wish to build a more mysterious persona that piques the curiosity, we can accommodate your vision.

We also offer many services to bolster those core elements of content. Do you need product photography for your site? We have two perfectionistic photographers on staff. Do you know what you want to say but not quite how to say it? Copywriting is here for you, and can help you with white papers, sales pitches or meaningful and relevant blog entries for your site. Does your lobby leave an unimpressive impression for visitors? We have an interior design consultant. Need a wall mural or a themed environment to convey your essence to your clients? We can do that. Prefer framed artwork to permanent installations? We offer a variety of styles of existing artwork, as well as a custom commission service for one-of-a-kind work that showcases one-of-a-kind you.

We want you to shine. Contact us today to get the spotlight on you!


We create one-of-a-kind work that showcases one-of-a-kind YOU.


BUSINESS HOURS: 10am-7pm Monday-Thursday, holidays excepted, and by appointment.

Closed Fridays, Weekends, and Federal and Christian Holidays for special events, classes, seminars and personal time. Email anytime via the Contact page; we will get back to you in a reasonable time, but please be professional and respectful and do not call or text outside of business hours.

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