SmARTful Solutions By George logoThis page features some samples of design work done by SmARTful Solutions, By George! We do graphic and web design; and photography, copywriting and graphics for both print and web. Expect updates now and then, and know that our scope goes far beyond what you see here.

SmARTful Solutions, By George! has designers who are experts in the Adobe Creative Suite. The overall branding of small businesses, events, and individuals are key to our design focus in these narrower niches. Our skills excel those of others in areas of originality, precision, image tailoring and editing, color correcting, camera-ready art, compositional balance and clarity, and much more. We design for both print and web, and provide components like custom logos, photography, copywriting, proofing, and animated .GIF files, and clean, simple, affordable web sites.

Below you will find a sampling of some of the work we’ve produced…so thanks for taking a look! We have several galleries you can explore (you can use the jump links below to skip down to a specific category):


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About Our Owners:

Linda “Eilee” S. George, our principal owner, has an extensive history as a Maker. Here is a brief, yet not all-inclusive, sampling of her skills and experience:


She has also served as a furniture designer/drafter/fabricator/installer, a graphic designer, an interior decorator and salesperson, and a newspaper typesetter and proofreader. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Art Education and an Associate of Science in Industrial Design Technology. A creative problem-solver, she is compulsive in self-guided study, and has taught herself web design and simple coding, as well as two musical instruments and some fluency in three languages. She has lived and worked in St. Louis, Chicago, and Denver, and counts herself blessed to have had the benefit of gleaning knowledge from a handful of wise and generous mentors in several areas of interest. More of her pursuits are viewable at – which is also a place of her experiments in web design so you never know what state you’ll find it in!

Her husband Greg is also integral to the company’s skill set. He holds an Associate of Science in Graphic Design, with over 25 years experience in the graphic design field. He is an Adobe guru, an articulate communicator, and a stickler for accuracy with an uncommon approach to common sense in the design process. He is also knowledgeable enough to be able to streamline a process without sacrificing any quality while doing so. He has numerous other production skills and is a creative thinker who complements his wife perfectly. His site and portfolio are HERE.

Both Greg and Linda are prolific and gifted photographers, and have developed a large library of original “stock” photos that have not become overused clichés all over the web, and they can generate new photos to accommodate many of their clients’ needs, to help them find a unique voice to compete in a sea of sameness.

SmARTful Solutions By George logoOther members of the family serve as advisors for projects requiring certain engineering, mechanical, or specific craft project knowledge as needed, as well as market-research-like sounding boards for concept sessions. We have fun and we make a great team! 


BUSINESS HOURS: 10am-7pm Monday-Thursday (holidays excepted), and by appointment.

Closed Fridays, Weekends, and Federal and Christian Holidays for special events, classes, seminars and personal time, subject to mercy of our workload here and elsewhere. Email us anytime via the Contact page; we will get back to you in a reasonable time, but please be professional and respectful and do not call or text outside of business hours.

You can see samples of our other policies on our Policy page.



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