Welcome to SmARTful Solutions, by George!

SmARTful Solutions By George logoWelcome – you have reached the home page for the boutique design firm SmARTful Solutions, By George! We are so happy to have you visit us here in our little corner of the web, in our little area of Denver, in our little niche enterprise. Remember: good things come in small packages – and in our case, so do great big ideas – great big ideas that we can put to work for you!

SmARTful Solutions, By George! is operated by creatives of many talents, and offers a variety of products and services to the Denver metro area:

Primary Offerings

  • Graphic Design for Print and Web
  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Simple Web Site Design and Site Maintenance
  • Copywriting/Content with Creative, Persuasive Promotion
  • Proofreading by Known Grammar and Spelling Fanatics
  • Résumé Building, Business Cards and More
  • Journal, Article and Blog Entry Writing
  • Stock or Original Images for Print or Web
  • Corporate and Advertising Photography
  • Brand-Compatible Interior Design Consultation
  • Fine Art: Source to Custom or Stock Paintings, Prints, Drawings and More for Your Home or Office

Secondary Offerings

  • Liason to Drawing and/or Painting Lessons
  • Beginning Spanish Tutoring
  • Beginning Russian Tutoring
  • English as a Secondary Language Tutoring
  • Shorthand Transcription
  • Correspondence Composition
  • Other Creative Custom Projects in Interior Decorating, Costuming and More

Our creatives are versed in many sectors and can accommodate a wide variety of needs. We are a Christian family company, and we know our strengths as well as our weaknesses and will be honest with you about each when discussing your needs. We only take on projects we know we can perform to a high professional standard. If we have any hesitation about our ability to achieve your specific goals, we will communicate this with you up front; we will perform all the tasks in our spheres of expertise (at our more affordable price point) – and if you have additional needs outside of our spectrum, we may offer help to find that person to bring those to fruition.

For instance, we can design an affordable, clean, attractive and functional Web Site Design – but we do not install any kind of e-commerce on our sites (e-commerce deserves a high level of security we currently cannot provide) – so if you find that you require such a feature in the future, we then might refer you to someone in or out of our network who possesses more specific expertise in that area – thereby giving you the benefit of our budget-friendly services, while still addressing the security you and your customers will need if you decide to offer that function at a later time.

As another example, if a couple wants Beginning Spanish Tutoring before a trip, we can teach beginners for a lesser fee than one would expect from an advanced teacher, and we would pass them on to our affiliated advanced teacher when ready, and they will have saved the difference between our fees for the beginner level in taking the early lessons with us.

As you can see, we operate our business in the way we wish most businesses worked, instead of overcharging, over-promising and under-delivering. We will discuss your goals thoroughly in a consultation before accepting a job, we won’t break the bank, and we listen to you and want to work in concert with you to find the most optimal solution to your needs.

Check out the rest of the site, like our Work page, to learn more of our philosophy and offerings. Or just use our Contact Form and ask us how we can help you!

We offer myriad creative and administrative services, all of which bridge the gap between intellect and passion – they are SMART and they are ARTFUL solutions, all by the creative George family – hence our name.

Thanks for checking us out, and please stay tuned for more information. Every day should be a SmARTful day!



BUSINESS HOURS: 11am-7pm Monday-Thursday (holidays excepted) and by appointment; Wednesdays close early at 4pm.

Closed Fridays, Weekends, and Federal and Christian Holidays for special events, classes, seminars and personal time. Email anytime via the Contact page; we will get back to you in a reasonable time, but please be professional and respectful and do not call or text outside of business hours.

Please see our Policies page.




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