PSA for Life

Here at SmARTful Solutions By George, we champion not only great ideas, but also compassion and common sense. The new year gives us a chance to express something that’s been heavy on many people’s minds.

In the wake of tragic events both recent and in the past several years, we want to issue a plea for endurance, empathy and accountability; for reasoning and consideration of mankind as not just a faceless collective, but as individuals with meaning, purpose and destiny. Too much senseless, needless violence robs us of souls with great potential. Media coverage largely aggrandizes offenders and perpetuates more of the same, and much of it could have been prevented – had bystanders noted the warning signs and taken action before matters took an irreversible turn. But yet another ingredient in the recipe for disaster is that there is so much negativity – in media, video games, and action movies full of arrogant and misguided vigilante “justice” – presented to volatile minds – that could go either way – if they only were presented with alternative viewpoints and some clear, better choices. 

We want to offer that food for thought, and counterbalance bad input with good. On a quiet morning after shutting off the news in tears shed for utter strangers, I made this simple video. I may even stretch myself to promote it so that it could go viral…if only its rationale would, among those with whom it most needs to; obviously the audience is specific. This calls for one to slow one’s pace for a pensive meditation well worth investing one’s heart and time in…feel permitted to spread the word.


May this year, and each year thereafter, be a year of continually expanding peace and vanishing violence; of wisdom, concern, patience, responsibility and love.

– L. George


And for those desiring such an accommodation, an audio-only recording follows:







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